Great new restaurant. Fresh noodles and flavorful broth make for a great ramen experience. There is also a vegan option so ramen can be enjoyed by everyone. I much preferred the Shoyu broth over the Tonkotsu broth. For sides, we tried the cucumber crab salad and crispy chicken. Salad was whatever but the crispy chicken was surprisingly great. NOTE: we went in during the soft opening so the service was a tad slow, but everyone was very friendly and I see great potential for this place.
Wow, welcome to Cal Heights! Now, I don't have to drive to Torrance for good ramen. I had the tonkatasu ramen with egg and spinach. The broth was delicious, rich and buttery, and on par with some of my favorite places in Torrance. We also shared the karage chicken (strangely, it's on the menu as "crispy chicken"), which was also good. The service was quick and very friendly. I'm happy that this restaurant has come to Cal Heights!
My all time favorite ramen, period. Hiro is a perfectionist, and it shows in his food and how good the service is. From the melt in your mouth thick cut pork, to the perfectly textured noodles- I find myself craving the ramen very often. The egg, is the definition of food porn. I can't get a bowl of ramen without the egg there. Go at off-hours to avoid a wait.
Really love coming here with coworkers to enjoy some good ramen and good pork belly buns! Came here during their first grand opening. Such Friendly workers and I'm glad a ramen spot opened up nearby work! They can tell we love their pork belly buns that they gave one free on the house !!! I'd recommend you to try this place out ! My favorite ramen is tonkatsu so good and the broth is rich and on fire !!! Shoyu one was alright to me Also their pork belly buns are to die for ! I'm craving for it all over again. Crab salad was delicious as well for sides We've may of became their regular customers lolol So happy we don't have to drive far out for ramen Can't wait to come back here again ^_^
I'm just happy that Long Beach finally has a good ramen spot and we don't have to go all the way to Torrance anymore! Ramen here is hearty and flavorful. The broth is very delicious. Service is fast and attentive. Sometimes, a little bit too attentive. They ask how we're doing at least five times during our meal. Haha. Hey, I'll take this kind of service over no service at all. You don't have to tip, gratuity is included in the bill. If you love ramen, definitely check this place out. Highly recommend.
Cheers to finally having a good ramen joint in the area! Let's start with the food: Shoyu - low sodium broth: everything was good; Not too salty until you get to the very end; noodles - perfect thickness and chewiness. Pork could be cooked longer to have a bit of a char to it. I do want to point out how good the egg was. It was slightly sweet, different from what I'm used to. Vegan - LEGIT! Well done, HiroNori! Our vegan friend thanks you. Soy meat and all the veggies. Even has a little kick to it because of the chili oil. Cashew and Almond base broth. Edamame - they added a little lemon juice to it. Nice touch. Side salad - I appreciate the ginger dressing Salmon bowl poke - an upgrade on the combination order - very good and simple. Some constructive criticism if you will: -I like the idea of having a simple tablet to put yourself on the waitlist and I also appreciate the sharing of tables. That's how they do it in Asia countries. However, I was really bothered by how the order of names was being called to be seated. Three parties of two people were called even though we were ahead and had waiting for about 30 mins. Granted, we had 3 in our party, I understand it's a little harder to seat. I hoped they could have waited for a table of three to become available rather seating the next party and the next party. -Service was very attentive...VERY! To the point of overwhelming. The friendly gal checked in on us almost every 4 mins. Example: Our food literally was placed on the table, "I know you just got your food, but how's everything tasting? Can I get you anything?" We had to stop in the middle of our conversations/ mid-chewing to respond to her every time. So nice, but maybe scale back a notch? Thank you for fruit infused water! Ask for the chili paste, so bomb! I look forward to my own bowl of Vegan Ramen next time!
Tonkatsu was one of the best I've ever had! And the pork was like flavored butter! Delicious. I'm pretty sure this place is going to catch on fast so if you want to try it, go now. I give it a few more weeks before the word gets out and the line will be around the block. Finally an amazing ramen joint in LB.
Best vegan ramen I've had! This place knows ramen and knows that good flavor is in the details. The vegan ramen doesn't have a weak, watery veggie broth. It has a rich, creamy broth that you'd expect from a classic pork-based ramen broth. The veggies in the soup aren't just generic and thrown in unseasoned. There are whole roasted stems of broccolini that are seasoned well. I added an egg to my ramen and that was an excellent choice. The egg was perfectly between soft boiled and hard boiled so the yolk was a creamy and delicious addition to the soup. The restaurant space is casual, with long tables so you'll be sitting close by to other diners. But that doesn't matter because you'll be so taken in by your yummy bowl of ramen that you'll only notice the people you're sharing your ramen experience with. The service is also super attentive so you feel taken care of. I will be coming to this place when I need a warming, delicious bowl of noodles, veggies, and flavorful broth.
I wanted to keep this place my little secret but I cannot. Love this place in Bixby Knolls. Used to live near Torrance and miss the days of Santouka Ramen and other hole-in-the-walls, but I don't long for those days anymore. Long Beach needed a ramen spot like this. Pros: Best tonkatsu ramen I've ever had, great texture noodles, perfect egg and juicy not dry pork Amazing hot sauce Great service Tip include in overall total Convenient waitlist feature on Yelp Excellent karaage appetizer and dipping sauce Simple tasty edamame Cons: Small Not a bad thing- but communal seating Not great for really big parties, expect a wait if you do
I just had one of the single best dining experiences of my life at HiroNori. I was diagnosed with severe food allergies and have not been able to eat ramen for the past two years. Not only did the owner and chef (Hiro) accommodate my allergy issues, he came to check on me several times, and provided me the most amazing/fresh ramen dish I have ever had. I also had a most delicious green salad (which sounds simple, but it came with apples, tomatoes, quinoa, kale AND avocado). I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Do yourself a huge favor and get this food in your belly! Also, huge shout out to our server Lauren who was beyond patient with me and answered all of my questions and made certain that my food and our experience was amazing.
It was a little difficult to find but it was the best ramen I’ve ever had. The pork actually melts in your mouth and the broth is to die for. I loved every bite. Also the pork in the rice bowl... god I can’t say enough about how amazing the food is- I want to try everything.
Whoa step back! This place is simple yet delicious. Ramen is delightful and now i must come back to try your bowls and salads.
Excellent authentic Japanese ramen. Hiro and staff parallels excellent service with excellent cuisine
Holy Smokes - the food was NOP KNOTCH! Amazing. The pork buns, the fried chicken and the Ramen were all equally amazing!
I love ramen, and Hiro Nori makes the best in the area! I crave this dish everyday. I always get the vegan ramen. I would love to have more vegetarian options on the menu. It would be nice if seating could be expanded to outside, in front of the restaurant.
Delicious Ramen! Love the staff, Love the food!
By far one of the best Ramen places I’ve ever had! The Vegan Ramen is my fav and I sometimes sub the protein.
Most delicious and high quality food! Our staff gets excited every time they know we are ordering from HiroNori!
Best ramen in L.A.!!!!
Yummmmmmmm! Deeelish Tonkatsu ramen! Excellent price and quality.